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Spiritual Direction is a holistic approach to wellness, where the spiritual, emotional, physical and relational aspects of one's life are considered through the lens of God's love and experience of that love. In many ways, I prefer the term "Spiritual Companionship" to Spiritual Direction. I operate within a Christian theological framework and see my role as companioning others in their sacred journey. This is done through empathetic listening, asking insightful questions, and making space for silence. My job is not to direct so much as mirror back to directees what God is already doing in their lives, thereby helping them experience more fully their true selves and the trajectory of grace that God is enacting in their lives.


The simple answer is "anything and everything."  I believe all of life matters to God and is fodder for our becoming -- so anything (from dryness in prayer to vocational discernment to relational challenges) is fair game!



I work out of A Rocha's Brooksdale Environmental Centre as part of the A Rocha team - see button below for more information on this special place and this special ministry.


Roughly an hour


Spiritual Direction happens best if it's seen as spiritual hygiene and not crisis management. So, once per month or every 6 weeks is ideal. That said, it can occur more frequently or less frequently depending on needs and circumstances.


Please contact me to discuss.


The best way to learn about spiritual direction is to try it out. Typically a first session will include sharing a bit about your life story with particular emphasis on your faith journey. For ongoing sessions it's helpful to spend some time reflecting on recent weeks with an eye for experiences/challenges/graces you'd like to explore. That said, no special preparation is required. Just "showing up" is more than enough. If this sounds like something you'd like to try please be in touch!

Spiritual Direction: Welcome
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